RIP guys, I’m dead. Three days of festival is like, such a hard job. Woof.

Getting Dilly with Dilly Dally. I love how they can be tender at the same time as screaming their little guts out.


Hopefully all we’re catching is feelings. Safe sex guys!

Skepta always looks hungry for life opportunities.

Skepta Osheaga 2016

Skepta Osheaga 16-4 Skepta Osheaga-2016-5

Little Simz.Little Simz Osheaga 2016-2

Fanny pack swag.Little Simz Osheaga 2016-3

She’s a ferocious spitter and is also hella cute. Orange Soda for life.

Little Simz Osheaga 2016-4


Grimes apologized for not dancing enough after throwing these sick shapes. No sorry necessary!


M83’s bassist could be an H&M model.

Look at all them wires!


Disclosure missed their flight or something dumb. Radiohead decided to go on twenty minutes early.

Playing your guitar with a bow is a pretty badass way to start things off “Burn The Witch.”

What is Thom Yorke thinking about when he’s playing “Daydreaming”?

“Ful Stop” turned up the tempo a bit (a lot).


Shout out to K Way for hooking up the Sidewalk Hustle team with these rad jackets.