Osheaga 2011: Ratatat

We ditched Elvis Costello’s headlining set after dancing in the trees with Mike Stroud and Evan Mast, otherwise known as Brooklyn’s Ratatat. We couldn’t really appreciate the guitar laden synth back when we caught a few tracks at Coachella as we were torn between about 4 other amazing sets, but on Saturday night at Osheaga there was no contest.

We finally gave Ratatat the proper attention they deserved and boy was it worth staying for the full set. The duo rocked guitars and synth together in front of signature graphic backgrounds of creepy happy portraiture, bird heads arranged in a diamond shape, wildcats, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s smile from predator, to name a few. The crowd felt  like it was absolutely huge at the tree stage, and some have theorized that the turn out was bigger than that of the headliner, although we wouldn’t know, we were too busy dancing. Oh and it’s Ra-ta-tat, not Ratatatat.

Top two photos taken on an Olympus E-PL2.