Osheaga 2011: Death From Above 1979

Immediate after Lupe finished his hard rocking hip hop show, Death from Above 1979 took to the stage with the now iconic backdrop of their own tombstone. Immidiately diving into “Turn It Out,”  bassist/synth player Jesse F. Keeler and drummer/singer Sebastien Grainger came prepared to give it their all, and their all they gave. The energy and tempo of the group proved that despite their long time hiatus the two were out for blood.

The set was a 50 minute lightning round of tunes with only minute moments of banter coming from Grainger who for some seemingly unknown reason pointed out that “doing something superhuman when you’re 22 is different from when you’re 32.” It seemed almost bitter. As the band stormed their way into “Romantic Rights” Grainger kicked his stool away and the show ended. After a brief moment of silence the mellow, folky Bright Eyes began their set.