Osheaga 2011: Cypress Hill

It should come as NO surprise that hip hop group Cypress Hill were slotted to perform on the Osheaga main-stage at exactly 4:20. Unfortunately for all the pot-smokers, the band took the stage at 4:30 Sunday afternoon, because of delays in the acts before them. As rappers B-Real and Sen Dog took to the smoke filled stage, they wasted no time getting down to business, dropping classic after classic.
It must be said that Cypress Hill does attract a certain type of fan, so it was no surprise when B-Real lit a massive joint for “I Want To Get High,” and people erupted into uncontrollable cheering. After “Hits From the Bong,” a little “coughing” session took place to the praise of “Canadian Weed” (you sweet talker you), then burst into “Dr. Greenthumb.” Do you see the theme here?

Overall the Cypress Hill set was exactly what you would expect it to be, a good old fashioned, weed-fueled hip hop show.