Hamilton psych band Young Rival have been making rad tracks for a minute now, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as fresh. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Just this past fall, they released their first piece of new music since 2012’s Stay Young. The trio’s new album Interior Light is an on point collection of what the boys call croon pysch. As the band’s Aron D’Alesio explains…

“We listened to a lot of Roy Orbison and the Everly Brothers, stuff like that. We brought in some psych elements as well. So ‘croon psych’ became a term we were throwing around at each other in the studio, like Sinatra dropping acid with Deerhunter.”

Not only do Young Rival make sweet tunes, their videos have a tendency to be doper than dope. Take their video for title track “Interior Light” for example.

Aron D’Alesio explained the making of it…

“To make this video we used an old 35mm film camera from the 80s (The Nimslo), and teamed up with several photographers, including a chemist-turned-hobby-photographer who literally shoots using a shotgun whose blast triggers a camera to snap a photo. The 4-month-long process involved taking several dozen rolls of still photographs with The Nimslo, a camera that takes 4 different images from 4 slightly different angles with each click. We then scanned the negatives by hand, and animated each frame in sequence. The result was over 20,000 frames that were then hand-placed into the edit. The stereoscopic/3D effect is similar to, what is referred to as, the “Matrix-bullet-time” effect – multiple angles of the same subject matter – but, in this case, on a much smaller scale and using older technology.”

It’s nothing new, Young Rival always kill it. Back in 2012 we first fell for their catch as heck “Two Reasons” and it’s equally colourful video. Give us two reasons not to love it. 

Then there’s their random dot autostereogram music video for “Black Is Good” which will have you cross eyed. Dare you to watch it just once. It’s like a magic eye puzzle but better, because it’s also a Young Rival music video. 

Most recently, the Young Rival dudes released their video for “Scruples”, as they explained on their Facebook…

We wrote a song about a creep from our hometown named Scruples…..then we found him and put him in a video.

In fact, the video features D’Alesio as said Scruples, just shaking it. Check it out. It’s lovely.

Interior Light is out now on Paperbag Records. You can grab a physical copy here (their pink vinyl is already selling out) or digitally via iTunes here. You can also catch them on tour at one of the dates below.

Jan 27 The Grad Club Kingston, ON, Canada

Jan 28 Le Belmont Montreal, Canada
Jan 29 House of Targ Ottawa, Canada
Feb 03 STARLIGHT Waterloo, Canada
Feb 04 Detour Music Hall St Catharines, Canada
Feb 05 Rum Runners London, Canada
Feb 19 La Péniche Lille, France
Feb 20 Bontanique Brussels, Belgium
Feb 21 Belvedere Namur, Belgium
Feb 22 Le Batofar Paris, France
Feb 23 La Laiterie Strasbourg, France
Feb 25 La Bobine Grenoble, France
Feb 27 Werrk Baden, Switzerland
Mar 03 Reflektor Liège, Belgium
Mar 04 Karrera Klub Berlin, Germany

You can like Young Rival on Facebook + follow them on their Instagram and Twitter.

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