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The Posterz On The Rise

The Posterz are a Montréal based crew who go harder than you. Made up of Husser, Kris the $pirit and producer/composer Joey Sherrett, The Posterz have been buzzing for the past two years. We first fell in love with them back in 2013 when we caught wind of the thick hit “The Bass Song” (below) off their debut EP Starships & Dark Tints.

They hit the festival circuit quick, playing their first full set at M for Montreal, making a splash with many water guns at NXNE 2014, and in no time we realized these dudes are the real deal. The beats are slick, and the rhymes tight and the trio take full control of the project, keeping things DIY while having fun with it. As Husser states on “All I Know”, “You poppin’ like cold water, I’m poppin’, I’m fucking soda.”

Just this past fall, they returned with their new EP Junga, taking the trio to a next level of lit. Take opener “Bulalay (Welcome To Junga)” for example, which is not only a hype as heck track, but is also all organic in origin. As The Posterz told Complex

The tune started with the chant, which Joey sung on his laptop in bed. No samples were used, everything is either programmed, sung, or played.

It’s a day in the life of Husser and $pirit in the concrete jungle, comparing the negative energy of haters to a shooter or a hunter. It’s about being upset and deceiving ourselves, and how we interact with that spiteful bunch. But mostly, it’s about being comfortable in our environment, and stating that no one can fuck with us here—we’re bulletproof.

Just a couple weeks ago, The Posterz dropped their latest video for Junga cut “Want It All” which is both lyrically and visually dope, including the choice line “and when it comes to the reefer I’m the reeferee.”  With each release the trio takes it to the next level and as they say on the track “then we came up, fucked the game up” – indeed they did and we have no doubt that they will continue to do so. Catch up with it.

Give Junga a listen below and grab the download on iTunes. Husser also recently dropped his solo debut “Name Another N!99@” which you should go check out.

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