We realize that calling this Toronto four piece ‘On The Rise’ is a bit of a stretch. They’ve toured the world (twice), played in over 300 venues and received nods from fancy people like the JUNOs  and Polaris Music Prize.

But after finishing an advance listen of their newest LP The Dream is Over, we know it’s only just begun for this punk band that could.

Buddies since elementary school, Stefan, Zack, Nest and Steve have been on a success bender since a direction and name change three years ago. Moving away from Topanga, Pathetic Use of Potential (better known as PUP) smashed into the scene with an unapologetic, anthem driven self-titled album.

Within a year we saw them launch the new name at Sneaky Dee’s, an album at the Garrison, then a tour with Modern Baseball at the Opera House.

Two years into touring themselves into oblivion, Stefan noticed his vocals starting to slip and was diagnosed with haemorrhaged throat cyst. “The dream is over” his doctor said. So they did what every guy does when confronted with a health issue, ignored it completely then continued on a seven week UK tour. It’s that kind of instinctual obsession with music which makes these guys great.

Don’t worry, the issue wasn’t something a short break and a new routine couldn’t help.

Now living their extra life, PUP has wound up their 10 track sophomore album haymaker. And as you’d expect, it lands successfully on the jaw. Thirty minutes designed for the stage. Fun, emotional, over the top. It kicks off with an ode to the not so smooth times on the road with “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will”, keeps the energy with tracks like “DVP”, “Doubts” and “My Life Is Over And I Couldn’t Be Happier” and finishes with the lighters up ballad “Pine Point”.

There’s an element of “don’t give a shit” in everything PUP approaches. Sacrifice over caution. That’s why there’s a strange comfort in being their fan. I mean, if a 250 stop tour and a haemorrhaged throat cyst couldn’t stop them, it’s hard think of something that will?

The Dream Is Over is available on Friday, May 27. You can pick up your copy here.

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