We got into Oshi in a very internet way. As you’re probably aware, alter egos and side projects aren’t new but they’re hard to pull off for very long these days. Often, they allow artists to explore new sounds, make mistakes, and get away with more than their labels/managers might allow. Just throw up an unverified Soundcloud account and go nuts. Trippy Turtle and Lido. RL Grime and Clockwork. James Blake and Harmonimix. Sometimes artists can fully develop these alternate stage names and take them on the road separately. The casual fan doesn’t notice or truly care. So, when we say we got into Oshi, we actually started listening to NO$TRIL first.

It took us about 30 minutes to make the connection between these online personas. NO$TRIL aka yung sus aka yung netflix & chill seems to be just for laughs while Oshi works on his debut album. The kid behind all of this is 17-year-old Joshua Brennan who recently uprooted his life from London so that he could live the dream in L.A. He’s the co-founder of record label/collective Film Noir: Sound along with Toronto’s BNJMN and Krs. Last fall he played a Boiler Room set, the youngest person to ever do it. Putting aside social and Soundcloud stats, which seem to be enough reason to get signed, Oshi exists in a beautifully unrestricted place with his music.

last one from sonny & josh live from the roof top ??

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