On The Rise: Mieux

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Second in our On the Rise series we feature Austrian dance duo Mieux.

Felix Wolfersberger and Christoph Prager have been collaborating on their sound/art project for about five years. The pair released their third EP Are You Happy in May, featuring steel drums, the glockenspiel, and synth-laced vocals and chanting. As a whole, it’s a euphoric body of work and “Rush” is incredibly uplifting. It’s fun and light but doesn’t sacrifice complexity or production quality. They also value the live performance aspect of their music very highly.

Are You Happy is built around our live set — we experimented with our songs live before heading into the studio, so they have this approach ingrained somehow. Grand chords had to be stripped down.

Wolfersberger and Prager credit their hometown Vienna for many of their influences. The city is known to have a vibrant and experimental production scene. We can’t wait to see what’s next for the pair!

Listen to Are You Happy below:

Watch the live version of “Daddy” below:

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On The Rise is our spotlight series on new and emerging artists. Last week, we featured Georgia, an immensely talented multi-instrumentalist. You can read about her here. Stay tuned for next week’s On The Rise artist!