With the world starting to take environmental sustainability seriously, brands have had to look for new innovative ways to meet that demand. Especially in the footwear industry. Today Swiss performance apparel brand On has partnered with LanzaTechBorealis and Technip Energies to unveil the first-ever shoe made from carbon emissions – the Cloudprime.

The Cloudprime is the first running shoe made from a material innovation called CleanCloud, which uses carbon emissions as a raw material. How is this even possible you may be asking? Well apparently for the past three and a half years, On has been working with Borealis, known for their polyolefin recycling and fertilizer manufacturing, and Carbon Recycling technology firm LanzaTech to create a shoe with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam soles which are made of carbon waste from the atmosphere. A bit vague really. Let’s hope this is actually as good as they say it is.

CleanCloud technology is On’s bet for the future of the brand and the footwear industry, by helping them achieve the goal of becoming a completely circular company by the end of the decade.