Acclaimed indie glam-rock act of Montreal have been making tunes that make our hips shake for nearly 20 years now and they’re set to release their fourteenth record, titled Innocence Reaches, this summer. We’ve had their new single “it’s different for girls” on repeat since it dropped earlier this year and now there’s a video to match.

Directed by Stephen Winter, the video features bright outfits, lots of fun and many a dance move. As singer-songwriter Kevin Barnes told The Huffington Post, the song is intended as “a paean to all the wild-hearted counterculture groups of our species.” He went on to explain…

“In a way I feel like most of us transition back and forth, psychologically, between female and male, and that sexual identity is a fluid concept. If mainstream society encouraged everyone to explore the different sides of our psyches and sexuality I imagine we wouldn’t even have a use for words like ‘gay’ or ‘straight’ or ‘transitioning.’”

Watch the video for “it’s different for girls” above.
Innocence Reaches comes out August 12, 2016, on Polyvinyl. Pre-order a physical copy here or a digital copy via iTunes here.