No need to grow up, according to Tim Coppens. You can stay young and rebellious in your red tartan pants, as far as he’s concerned.

Coppens’ Fall/Winter 2016 collection debuted Wednesday night at Skylight Clarkson Square in Soho. Men and women showed off military-inspired overcoats, bomber jackets, graphic knits, hoodies and baggy trousers. Bright red plaid, navy and greens oddly made us want to dig out our old school uniforms. (Or at least pretend we had one.)

There was even a pajama look and drug-laced sweatshirt that looked surprisingly well groomed. Don’t let the high school hallway vibes fool you – this line was grown-up and sophisticated.

The Belgium-born, award-winning designer worked with sporty brands like Adidas and Ralph Lauren before venturing out on his own, and only introduced womenswear just last year.

This is a line not to be missed by us urban street “kids”.
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