We spent our Sunday afternoon in a bright, sunlit studio in Lower Manhattan enjoying J.Crew’s Spring(ish) collection. While the brand’s staples are always present (the chinos!), Jenna Lyons chose to focus on stripes, ruffles, bright pops of pink, and neutrals for the season.

Stripes re-invented, femininity through ruffles and floaty dotted tulle, contrasted with moments of tuxedo dressing, chinos and tees with an artistic take—all in a tight color edit of blues, pinks and khakis. All the things we love and have always loved.”

— Somsack Sikhounmuong, women’s designer

Instead of hiring a group of young models, Lyons chose instead to have family and friends of the brand wear the new pieces. This did more for the collection than anything else could have. J. Crew is the type of brand that people can grow with. From college prepsters, to new young professionals, to busy working parents, J. Crew has looks for everyone. The models varied in age (13 to 70), profession, and race. We saw pre-teen athletes, artists, expecting mothers, father/daughter duos, and more. Because everyone was familiar with each other and many were friends, their interactions and smiles made the clothes stand out. We spotted Mark Ruffalo, who’s wife was one of the models, Nick Wooster, and Garance Doré in the audience.

If Lyons’ intention was to show a collection that real people can wear, she succeeded. Check it out below.

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