Favouring the presentation route at New York Fashion Week, J.Crew debuted their fall winter collection at Spring Studio on Valentine’s Day. The collection delivered an overwhelming number of key pieces we would happily wear immediately, marking Somsack Sikhounmuong’s return as head of womenswear for the brand.  Creatively styled by Jenna Lyons, the collection was full of whimsy with ribbons hanging out of button loops, striped turtlenecks under embellish patterned blouses, blazers and coats layered overcoats, and elegant silk scarves finishing off some of the looks.

“This season we focused on the inherent DNA of J.Crew with an emphasis on reinvigorating time honored classics with a modern, whimsical twist. Unexpected colors in traditional men’s tailoring – the playful mash-up of vibrant prints – the embracing of pleated pants and wide wale cord. Those are some of my most favorite moments in the collection. In addition, this season will be Somsack’s first in his new position as head of women’s design. Having Somsack back on the team has been like rereading your favorite book and discovering all over again the reasons you loved it the first time. He brings a fresh and spirited take to the women’s collection with a deep understanding of its core tenants. Most importantly – the magic is in the mix.” —Jenna Lyons, creative director and president

In addition to Lyons expert level layering, the collection delivered heaps of stunning shoes in gorgeous prints, metallic brocade, velvet, colour blocked suede, as well as some adorned with tassels and glittery brooches. Other accessories include their in-house eyewear made by NYC-based eyewear manufacturer Marchon, chunky scarves, as well as totes and cross body bags.

Stand out looks from the collection included a silk tiger printed pyjama set layered with a leopard print coat, a pink faux fur coat layered over a checked blazer, and a blue-green chrysanthemum brocade skirt with a pink knit sweater and a silk button down effortlessly peeking out.

“The advantage of having been with J.Crew for more than 15 years is knowing what feels right/what doesn’t, what is natural to J.Crew versus what feels unnatural…striking the right balance between what is new and what is timeless. Designing the collection almost feels instinctual.” —Somsack Sikhounmuong, women’s design team

As if the collection wasn’t gift enough, they also gave attendees a bouquet of flowers upon exiting the venue with a sticker saying “sorry you have to work today, at least we’re together” swoon.

Check out our photos from the presentation below.

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