NXNE 2013 Day 1: Dee Goodz, Jimmy B, & Dillan Ponders at Wrongbar

Dillian Ponders at Wrongbar NXNE 2013

The vibes were great for the first night of this year’s NXNE music festival. After a quick post-work disco nap, I checked out the Smashmouth Mentality showcase at Wrongbar for the stacked hip hop line up.

Walking in with zero expectations, I was immediately pulled to the stage by the smooth verses of Dillan Ponders. With his crew of hype men amping up the crowd, Ponders put on a fun set and that got me moving.

Next up was Toronto’s own Jimmy B. Representing the Toronto state of mind, Jimmy B ran a tight and energetic set full of hometown pride, telling Wrongbar to show the out-of-towners how we do it.

One of those out-of-towner was Tennessee’s Dee Goodz. Sounding polished and lyrically fresh, Dee Goodz showed Toronto what the South is all about. A favourite part of the set was a namesake track about skateboard legend Eric Koston. Check it out here. Keep your eye and ear out for Dee Goodz – he’s getting ready to drop a new album soon.

Next up was After The Smoke. Stay tuned for the review and a little interview too!

Jimmy B at Wrongbar NXNE 2013

Dee Goodz at Wrongbar NXNE 2013