Nudie Jeans presents The Repair Kit ‘Repair Your Own Jeans’

I don’t wear my Nudie Jeans much these days, but I do love all my raw denim jeans. In fact it was my first pair of Nudie jeans that really taught me to appreciate the pleasures of wearing  jeans until they conformed to my body over time. From the little rips, fades, stains and every little thing in between. But like all good things denim doesn’t last for ever, so raw denim innovators Nudie Jeans have dropped a short video demonstrating how to quickly patch-up,  repair, and prolong the life span of your favourite pair of jeans. The brief video shows just how easy it is to fix a sick pair using only tools and materials found in abundance in your life. I will admit I have done this to jeans a lot in my day. Watch below.