We’ve heard it before, and it’s ever true. Fashion and music are better together. As is creation and collaboration (dare we say the later are completely necessary to one another).

You don’t need to hear it from us to believe it. Tune into Bottega Radio, NTS and Bottega Veneta’s new monthly radio show.

The project brings together NTS resident artists with special guests in conversation resulting in innovative soundscapes. The first episode aired April 8th with 2 hours of the equally energetic and soothing sounds of autotune enthusiast Tim Zha aka ORGAN TAPES in collaboration with Latin music expert and NTS resident host of COMO LA FLOR Jazmin Garcia.

Both NTS and Bottega Veneta have been unique hubs of culture and craft within their industries and this project is expanding the space between and beyond them, sure to ignite interest of vast talent. This was already evident at their launch party held at Stone Nest in west London the last week featuring performances by PLZ Make It Ruins boss and Frank Ocean collaborator Vegyn, Slauson Malone, John Glacier, duo Sky H1 & Mika Oki and Dean Blunt.

Catch up on the first episode featuring ORGAN TAPES and COMO LA FLOR’s Jazmin, aired on April 8th HERE

And continue listening to their monthly episodes HERE