Nokia Music Launches in Canada

Nokia Music Launches in Canada

Late last week Nokia announced the introduction of their pretty nifty Nokia Music program to Canada. The already highly acclaimed free music streaming service is available in the States and is exclusive to the Nokia Lumia smartphones and features over 18 million songs. Not bad for a brand new music streaming feature.

Nokia made their announcement at the Air Canada Centre just ahead of a sold-out live performance from The Killers. Featuring acclaimed Canadian music historian Alan Cross, who waxed poetic about the future of music, and consumer behaviour before demonstrating the ease with which one can use the new music service.

“Technology has shaped the listening behaviour of many Canadians and transformed the music industry by giving music lovers more listening choices. However, with so many options and so much music out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed (and even discouraged) when it comes to discovering new music,” said Cross, “What Nokia Music offers is a seamless, easy-to-use way to listen to new and old music, all with a touch of a button.”

One of the main features of Nokia Music is Mix Radio. Consumers can stream free music from a suite of more than 150 exclusive playlists that are hand-crafted and curated by a dedicated staff. Or each person can create their own personal soundtrack by selecting up to three artists via the Nokia Music ‘CREATE’ function, which taps a library of millions of songs and generates a playlist based on, and inspired by, the artists they love.

To further enhance and personalize each individuals music experience, Nokia Music’s ‘GIG FINDER’ allows you to find live shows taking place nearby, and even allowing you to purchase buy tickets, find the venue with HERE Maps and get directions – all from within the Nokia Music app.

“We believe that Nokia Music offers great value and will revolutionize the way Canadian music lovers can explore, discover and enjoy music,” said Jyrki Rosenberg, Vice President of Nokia Entertainment. “We are always striving to give Canadians the best service possible and we have worked extra hard to ensure Nokia Music meets the expectations of the demanding, active and inspired music fans in Canada.”

Overall the Nokia Music app is a brilliant music service that highlights Nokia’s very serious commitment to providing their costumers with the highest quality  product. The only downside, is that you need to own a Nokia phone to utilize the Nokia Music app. It’s a dangerous Catch-22, so hopefully Nokia can continue to put out high quality smartphones to rival the iPhone and Android phone markets.

The Nokia Music app is available for download now to all Canadian Lumia owners from the Nokia Collection in the Windows Phone Store.

Nokia Music Launches in Canada