nOir Jewelry: Statement Rings

via nOir

Usually we don’t obsess about jewelry unless it’s vintage, but these nOir statement rings have us going ga ga! After our post about the crazy Brooklyn Bridge Brass Knuckles we thought we would give you a better look at what nOir has to offer!

From the Keith Haring Dog Ring to the Esme 2 Finger Sword Ring to the Fencing Sword to the Yokwe Seed Bead Ring to the Kim Square Layered Acrylic Ring and the Four Cone Pyramin Rhodium Ring, these rings are just plain cool!

Ranging in price from $40 US and up, the plethora of styles mix gold plated brass, gunmetal, zirconia, and acrylic in construction, making it really hard to decide which one (or three) to pick!

Check out Sidewalk Hustle’s picks below.