Last week Nintendo threw their hat into the new console ring with the announcement of the upcoming Nintendo Switch. The release came with a three-minute announcement trailer showcasing the capabilities and the muti-faceted uses of the console.

While at home, the Nintendo Switch sits in a docking system that connects to your TV allowing you to play your games on the big screen with a handheld controller. As of right now, there are two types of controllers, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and the Joy-Con Grip controller. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is more of a traditional controller, with the Joy-Con Grip featuring detachable pieces on the side, known as Joy-Con’s, which are used for the portable aspect of the console. Simply detach the Joy-Con’s and attach them to the system itself to create something similar to the Wii U’s gamepad. These detachable pieces allow you to play the Nintendo Switch on the go, while also doubling as your multiplayer controllers. Two players can each take one Joy-Con and use it to play co-op or versus games on the system. nintendo-announces-the-nintendo-switch2

Another interesting aspect of the Nintendo Switch is that it allows for the use of GameCard cartridges. It seems that Nintendo is making the switch from discs to the cartridges they’ve been using in their handheld systems. However, it is unknown as of yet if you will be able to play DS games on the Switch.

The release trailer also shows something new to Nintendo, and that is the possibility for partnerships with third-party developers. Nintendo usually keeps things in-house, but with the Switch they have announced partnerships with the likes of Activision, Bethsda, EA, Ubisoft and many more.

Stayed tuned for more info on the Nintendo Switch in the coming months, with a full press-conference by Nintendo on the product coming January 1st, 2017. Until then, make sure to check out the release video below!