Niki & Lola Fall 2012 Preview

Yesterday morning we were invited for a breakfast preview (our favourite kind!) at L’Ouvrier Kitchen Bar in Toronto to get the first look at local husband and wife duo Niki & Lola‘s stunning jewelry collection for the forthcoming fall season called Early Nomad

Perfectly simplistic and expertly hand crafted, Niki & Lola’s edited range of pieces stood out amongst the layered natural display elements created by local flower shop Sweet Woodruff. Air plants lay alongside hollow 3D Polygonia cube bangles and a few Swarovski dotted sterling silver and brass Astra bangles, while modern Adora cuffs sat in containers filled with green deer moss. A decidedly smaller Adora cuff made initially for the duos daughters are new for the holiday season, as part of their mother daughter series.

Drift wood kissed with hot pink carnations made for the perfect backdrop to the Treary, Tetra, and Shield rings, also shown in sterling silver and brass. The stand out Agny Spear necklace dangled in silver and brass with a set of matching earrings from a blonde manzanita branch with an angular Flit necklace calling out to us.

At the other end of the room Michael Proteau sat with a miter box and set of tools, crafting one of their deliciously more complex Kingdom necklaces using sheets of raw brass and perfectly paired milk jades, while wife and partner Angie Tingas informed about their inspiration for the collection, now available online.

In their words, the collection, named after their daughters is, “inspired by how little girls (much like parents) are so uniquely different” and draws from their delicate and jovial personalities. The pieces are priced from $80-$315 Canadian, which seems like a steal for pieces that are handcrafted and locally produced.

Take a look below at our shots from the preview and shop the whole collection on their newly launched web shop.