Nike ACG Woodside Boot

via Uncrate

The epic and never ending quest for most Canadians in the winter time, is finding the perfect pair of boots. They have to look good, be comfortable, be waterproof, and last. This sounds like a simple task, but boots made to do all these things in the Canadian winter are harder to find then a payphone.

So it is of great delight that we can show to you a boot that combines the comfort of a sneaker with the necessary rugged outdoor styling and design, within the Nike Woodside ACG. These Nike boots are mid-height and offer toughness in the form of a coated nylon, leather upper, corded laces, a rain boot-style welted and striped rubber midsole, structured heel, sticky rubber sole, and a padded tongue and collar. Now those are what you need for a good winter boot. The Nike Woodside ACG is available for purchase at Urban Outfitters stores and online.