Nike Sportswear x fragment Design All Court Premium Leather

Lately I have been feeling my age. As a result I have been wearing more of my demure shoes with my more “grown-up” outfits. I look great! The only problem I have is that other then my incredible Nike Air Force 1/Dunk/Terminator collection I do not have any comfortable demure shoes. All three are incredibly uncomfortable and not really as cool as they should be, considering I am the one rocking them. Now if only Nike made a pair subtle kicks that I could rock in my age-induced-angst that I am wallowing in.

Wait a minute!!! Take a look at the upcoming Nike Sportswear collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment Design. If you don’t know Hiroshi Fujiwara is an incredibly popular Japanese musician, trendsetter, producer, and designer known locally as the godfather of Harajuku culture. He is the pioneer for Nike’s cool-as-F**k “HTM” line, and the “Fenom” line for Levis. Oh yeah, you may also remember him from his appearance in Lost in Translation. Yessir… the man is a genius and it shows in these incredibly slick looking kicks. I love the subtlety of the All Court Premium Leather kicks with the black and white premium leathers, embossed Swoosh and fragment logo placement on the heel. These beautifully perfect for my collection sneakers have only been released in Japan so far, so here is to keeping our fingers crossed that they make their way across the Pacific.