Nike has unveiled their latest treatment of the Air Max 1, this time celebrating the achievements of Toronto, aka ‘The 6.’ For this drop, Nike Sportswear has appointed a Nike designer with Canadian roots to design a silhouette that Torontonians can rock to represent their city.

The kick features rubberized coating on the all-white outsole as well as the airbag which has been used to prevent cracking and is actually a first for the Air Max’s. They also feature Tech Tough coated leather, buck leather, technical woven textiles and waxed laces, all of which are exclusive to this release to keep the kicks safe from the brutal Canadian winters all Torontonians are used to.

The sock liners in the shoes are inspired by the Northern Lights as they are best seen from the Canadian North, while the graphic on the liner features the iconic CN Tower which every Torontonian knows and loves.

‘The 6’ will be available beginning December 6th at Nike’s online store as well as select Nike Sportswear retailers throughout the Toronto area, and on December 17th at select US retailers.Nike Pays Homage to 'The 6' With New Air Max Silhouette-2 Nike Pays Homage to 'The 6' With New Air Max Silhouette-3 Nike Pays Homage to 'The 6' With New Air Max Silhouette-4