It goes without saying how ubiquitous music is in our everyday lives. Your TV, your phone, the gym, the coffee shop, the car driving past you, the car you’re in. It’s everywhere and more available than ever before thanks to all our modern conveniences. But it is the music you choose to play for yourself, your friends that ends up being the soundtrack of your life. So when you find yourself behind the wheel during those late-night drives, there’s nothing more soothing & therapeutic than listening to music.

There is nothing better than pressing play on some fire tunes and hitting the road to cruise around at night. It helps you clear your mind and take a step back from the busy world we live in. To help you create that perfect vibe we’ve curated a playlist of 50 songs that will help make your time perfect. The playlist has tracks from the likes of Drake, Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar and more, but also some real hidden gems from artists that perhaps you don’t already know.

Hit play below and enjoy the new soundtrack to your night drive.