New Music: Yeasayer ‘Live at Ancienne Belgique’

One of our favourite groups of 2010, Brooklyn’s Yeasayer have decided to give all their fans a little gift this Christmas! The gift comes in the form of a very excellent live album, titled Live at Ancienne Belgique, and was recorded on October 28, 2010 at the Ancienne Belgique venue, (obviously!) in Brussels. The album can be download from their website on a “name your own price” basis, and yes “free” is an option, and you can choose from a variety of audio formats as well. I highly recommend you all go and get the album, it is easily worth $10, so anything less is a deal! Check out the tracklising below and grab yourself a copy HERE. Enjoy!

Live at Ancienne Belgique:

01 Madder Red
02 Rome
03 Wait for the Summer
04 Tightrope
05 Red Cave
06 Grizelda
07 Sunrise
08 Mondegreen
09 Strange Reunions
10 O.N.E.
11 Ambling Alp
12 The Children
13 2080