New Music: Tiny Danza “Beat Fly”

I LOVE the name of these guys! I had originally heard of Tiny Danza a while back when a much trusted friend asked me if I had heard of them. I answered that of course I had, and preceded to look them up as soon as I had the chance. I remember laughing, at the awesome play one words with Elton John’s extremely amazing song “Tiny Dancer” and Who’s the Boss star Tony Danza. The next day I woke up with the Who’s the Boss theme song stuck in my head, and I couldn’t figure out why.

Tiny Danz is a Toronto-based hip hop band made up of 5 musicians, all trained in different styles and all coming from even more different walks of life. The group’s dynamic not only creates the ideal potential for an explosive Reality TV show, but also lays the groundwork for something new in a genre that relies on fresh personalities to keep its listeners hooked.

Having just completed their first full length album titled You Could Have It All…. In order to promote the album set to drop in Spring 2011, they will be releasing one track per week until their show on December 4th at the Silver Dollar Room. Here’s the first single titled ‘Beat Fly’. It’s pretty dope!

Beat Fly by Tiny Danza