New Music: Summer Camp ‘Welcome To Condale’

Plain and simple, we’re in love with this London-based duo called Summer Camp and cannot wait for their debut album to drop in October via Moshi Moshi Records because it preys so heavily on our nostalgia-loving hearts. Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey’s record is vintage in sound, with modern lyrics, and any track off Welcome to Condale could easily pass as the soundtrack to any one of your beloved 80’s films.

Check out the track list for the album dropping on October 31st and the video for “Better Off Without You”

Welcome To Condale Track List

1. Better Off Without You
2. Brian Krakow
3. I Want You
4. Losing My Mind
5. Summer Camp
6. Nobody Knows You
7. Down
8. Welcome to Condale
9. Done Forever
10. Last American Virgin
11. Ghost Train
12. 1988