New Music: Kitsuné Maison 11

It’s that time again! Parisian record label Kitsuné has officially released their 11th compilation, titled the Indie-Dance Issue, just in time for summer! It was out in North American as of yesterday, and though it may take a few weeks to see hard copies of it surface at your local record store, you can grab it now on iTunes.

When asked about the compilation, label owner Gildas Loaec said, “I find this new cd is taking us yet one more step towards maturity. We’re perceived as a club label when really we’ve always been between ‘club’ and ‘indie’, and this new compilation sits right at the crossroad of the two.”

Check out the track list and get the minimix of select tracks below by Jerry Bouthier.

Kitsuné Maison 11 Track List:

1. “Let’s Go All The Way” (Early Version)
2. Alexander Dexter Jones “Phantastic Phone Call”
3. Housse De Racket “Roman”
4. Polarsets: “Sunshine Eyes”
5. Gallops: “Miami Spider” (Ponciau edit)
6. Cosmonaut: “Say What You Want”
7. Creep “Days” (Azari & III Remix)
8. Is Tropical “The Greeks”
9. Peter & The Magician “Twist”
10. The Touch “Sermon”
11. Logo x Icona Pop “Luvsick”
12. Beat Connection “Silver Screen
13. Nightbox “Pyramid”
14. Guards “Resolution Of One”
15. Fiction “Big Things”
16. Exotica “Conte d’Eté” (Afrofunk Version)

Kitsuné Maison 11 MiniMix by Jerry Bouthier