Music: Hercules and Love Affair DJ-Kicks Mix

Hercules and Love Affair are set to drop a DJ Kicks mix series come October and we couldn’t be more excited to hear how Andy Butler’s influences come through on the album.

It will feature a couple of new tracks from the band including “Release Me” and a previously unreleased track called “A Bit of Redemption”.

Check out the track listing below and stay tuned for the mix soon!

Hercules and Love Affair DJ-Kicks:

1. Mankind: “Don’t Keep Me Waiting”
2. Rhythm Mode:D: “Can You Feel It (Reach to the Top)”
3. Hercules and Love Affair: “Release Me” *
4. Fax Yourself: “Strut Your Techno Stuff”
5. Klubb Kidz: “Don’t Want to Hurt You (Skool Flava Dub)”
6. Solution: “Feels So Right”
7. DJ Duke Presents Freedom: “Love Don’t Come Easy (Power Dub)”
8. Cloud 9: “Do You Want Me”
9. Mark Imperial: “The Acieed That Ate New York”
10. In Flagranti: “Magojiro”
11. Haze Factory: “A Bit of Redemption” *
12. Fierce Ruling Diva: “Allemaal, Allemaal!”
13. Jump Chico Slamm: “Feel Free”
14. Z.A.M.: “Africa Freedom (Johannesburg Dub Mix)”

* previously unreleased