NewKid Footwear Fall 2010

We’re always delighted to discover new shoe designers, especially our most recent uncovering on our quick jaunt to New York, Rachel Beagley’s New Kid.

Although she isn’t exactly a new kid on the fashion block, Beagley’s been designing and stocking her collection at Garglye and UO since 2004, the Fall Winter collection is a little bit Milan with a sprinkling of China due to the designers relocation from China to Italy over the years.

They’re mostly rock star in both detail and luxuriousness, with a few wacky embroidered and patterned numbers, and a price tag won’t give you a heart attack as you’d expect on first glace of the collection.

The self taught designers inspiration for the collections draw from street style in England, China, Australia, and of course Italy, and aims to satisfy a gray area between heels and sneakers, because lets be honest, we’re all pretty tired of ballet flats.