Neon Indian & Chrome Canyon at Cameo Gallery in New York

We found ourselves in NYC for Halloween and there was no shortage of great parties to check out. On Friday night we headed to the petite Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg to check out Chrome Canyon and Neon Indian. The fact that this party was delightfully titled Neon & Chrome meant a wardrobe of well, neon and chrome. Appropriately decked out, we arrived to a packed space with not many moving bodies, typical Williamsburg Friday night crowd so I was told.

Chrome Canyon was laying down some of the best beats we’ve heard in weeks, some old school tracks layered with thick bass. The only problem was the best place to dance was in front the bar. Neon Indian appeared in the neon glow of black lights and began his set with some appropriately disco-themed grooves. As a big fan of Neon Indian’s solo work, we are now even bigger fans of his dj sets. You could really hear where some of his inspiration comes from for his psychedelic solo sounds.

We were also happy when some of the lame crowd dispersed and we had the neon dance floor to ourselves. Hopefully Neon Indian brings some of that dj funk up north sometime soon.