Nasty Gal Launches Shoe Cult

Shoe Cult x Nasty Gal

We’ve been huge Nasty Gal fans and shoppers for many many years and finally the online shop has launched their very own line of shoes that are affordably priced while also being amazing. In fact, we took a peruse through the extensive offering of Shoe Cult x Nasty Gal and we found ourselves with about six by the time we checked out! They’ve got a style to suit everyones taste from a chelsea boots, to soaring heels and booties, to slippers and interesting flats, they’re sure to sell out considering not one pair is over $200. 

Check out all 45 styles by heading here, which range in price from $68 to $188, and check back in the coming months because they’re going to roll out a ton of new styles.

Happy shopping shoe-lovers!