NARS Matte Multiple

NARS Matte Multiple

Nobody likes to carry a bag full of makeup everywhere they go. It’s a hassle choosing products that will make you look fab and fit in the inside pocket of your purse. What if you only had to carry one product, that will bring you from end-of-day-blah to out-for-the-night-sexpot? Don’t freak out, but that product is here and it’s from the creative genius’s at NARS Cosmetics.

They are called the Matte Multiple. These glory sticks can be used on the cheeks and lips, and they can be used wet or dry. When used wet, they will blend flawlessly into your skin for a beautiful fresh-faced glow. In terms of reapplying, make sure to use them wet in order to layer the product onto the skin. Dry use of the product will allow it to be more pigmented, and more of a pop of colour on the skin.

This is a great multipurpose tool for anyone, whether you wear makeup all the time, or you just not interested in the fuss of full-face application. All seven shades of the Matte Multiple will be available at all NARS retailers on April 14.

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