Canadian celebrity interviewer Nardwuar has unearthed two interviews from 2002 with Destiny’s Child and Solange Knowles. Nardwuar is known for being down to interviewing anyone, and has a knack for sitting down with musicians very early into their careers.

Nardwuar met with Destiny’s Child backstage at the Tacoma Dome in Washington state literally minutes before they were supposed to walk on stage for their performance. At the start of the clip, Nardwuar remarks it is his shortest interview to date – and with the video only clocking in at one and a half minutes and not all of it being an interview, it’s probably the shortest interview with any musician of all time. Kelly rips out a burp, Michelle stares in horror, Beyonce rounds the corner on-screen and side-eyes Nardwuar’s signature golf hat, and the interview is essentially wrapped up for good.

The interview with Solange is much more relaxed, and Solange acknowledges she comes from a “very talented family.”

With 2016 has certainly belonging to sisters Beyoncé and Solange Knowles with the release of their albums Lemonade and A Seat at The Table, a huge big up to Nardwuar for sharing these glorious throwbacks.

Watch the two clips with Destiny’s Child and Solange above and below.