Naked & Famous Denim Video

A couple of weeks ago I was in the market for a new pair of jeans, when a respected colleague of mine, a Mr. Wes Bos (@wesbos) suggested that I check out a brand called Naked & Famous. Later that week and quite by accident, I found myself in a denim department absentmindedly stroking a pair of jeans when I was asked if I would like to try them on. Jeans were not why I was in the store, in fact I was looking for a bow tie, but since I was asked I decided I would. I put them on and they fit perfectly, like something out of a fairy-tale. Fearing that they would cost me a fortune I checked the price tag and was almost blown away at how reasonably priced they were. At least a third the price of my regular brand. It was love at first touch.

In honour of my new found love, I highly suggest that you all check out this fun little stop motion animation short, created by Dale Hayward for the Canadian premium denim brand Naked & Famous. The piece was created with the intention to showcase the brand’s history, inspirations and its origin, this lovely country we call home. This short is fun and lighthearted and includes an array of cultural references that everyone will love. Check it out!