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If there’s one thing I can say about my life it’s that I’m always on the move. As a connected person on the go, it’s absolutely imperative I stay ahead of the game in all things tech when I’m running across Toronto, to concerts, music festivals, restaurants, fashion events and such. Whether it be a new phone, camera, tablet, or computer, it’s essential I stay connected and up to date in this fast paced world of cultural-curation, or blogging, as I like to call it. That’s part of the reason I love Best Buy. I realize that may sound odd, but there’s something to be said about one stop shopping. No matter what I’m looking for I know they’ll always have what I’m looking for and hook me up with the latest tips and tricks.

I didn’t come to this conclusion out of nowhere, but instead from a proven track record. Once upon a time I wanted a new lens for my camera, and after a few price comparisons online, I realized the lens cost approximately the same everywhere but I ended up going to best buy because I needed a little more information about the lens and I knew I could count on them. The gentlemen who I spoke with went into great detail about the lens, asking me questions about how I planed to use it, and what the best accessories were for it. Basically, it was like a mini tutorial on the spot and once all my questions had been answered they told me the lens was actually on sale! Bonus! Unfortunately they didn’t have the lens in stock in store, but they helped me order it online and I had the lens shipped right to my door in less than two days, which was quite impressive!

In addition to camera gear, the new Best Buy Mobile stores also boast a rather amazing mobile section, which we’ve experienced first hand. Not only do they offer the latest phones and carriers, they’re also ready and waiting to help you make an informed decision, customize your plan and teach you the features of your phone! I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5s and I was delighted to see they not only offered a trade in program, but also a two-year plan, with much less commitment, money up front, and even still an amazing price for the handset. Plus because they offer plans from all providers, the staff at the store were super helpful in providing unbiased opinions and advice on which phone I chose and the plan best suited to it. Also if you run into trouble after you leave the store, you can take advantage of one of their ‘Ask A Geek’ service offered online 24/7.

As someone known for being super connected, I often get asked to make suggestions for friends, family and colleges looking for new shiny tech toys, gadgets and phones. Recently my friend was looking to replace her phone because she accidentally dropped it in the toilet (it happens!) so naturally I recommended the new Sony Xperia Z1 which is the first fully waterproof phone and urged her to head to Best Buy mobile to take advantage of their trade in program so she could save a couple bucks off the purchase of her new handset. About a week later she thanked me for the recommendation and expressed how perfect the experience was as she not only traded in her new phone, but they also transferred all her data, set up her emails, showed her how to download apps and even gave her a lesson on the phone all before leaving the store that day, completely free of charge.

Needless to say, I pretty much visit Best Buy Mobile every few weeks to stay connected and up to date. For more information about Best Buy Mobile, head here, and feel free to leave me your comment below.

And, because I want to continue spreading the Best Buy Mobile gospel, we here at Sidewalk Hustle have partnered with them to giveaway a $50 gift card so you too can experience their amazing customer experience!