Must Have: Sunday Somewhere ‘Soelae’ Metal Sunglasses

Sunday Somewhere Soelae Metal Sunglasses

It may rarely be sunny at this time of year, but as we look forward to our epic journey to Australia next month, we’re kind of sunglasses crazy as we lead towards the spring summer season.

We love these Solelae sunnies by Sydney eyewear brand Sunday Somewhere composed sleekly of wide polished metal sides and Italian white acetate frames. We love the brands philosophy on eyewear, they’re not interested in transforming your lifestyle just merely by putting a pair of glasses on, as they put it, “no requirement for catchy slogans; no need for by-lines,” they just make stunningly crafted modern frames.

We adore these ones, available online for $285 AU.

Sunday Somewhere Soelae Metal Sunglasses-2

Sunday Somewhere Soelae Metal Sunglasses-3