Must Have: Plantronics BackBeat GO Wireless Earbuds

As an avid music listener I am always on the hunt for the perfect portable audio experience. I’ve literally (figuratively) rocked headphones, earbuds and everything in between from all (most) major brands. What I’ve come learn is that I prefer earbuds because of their discreet nature.

Now the aspect of headphones I dislike in general is the cord. Especially during jacket wearing season I like my cord to be discreetly tucked away, but then that limits my mobility. Also, growing up in a major urban center I’ve learned to always be aware of my surroundings and as a result often travel with only one bud in one ear. It’s a safety thing. Yes I fully realize this is starting to sound like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but when you are paying for a product it would be great to have something that fits… just right.

I recently discovered the Plantronics BackBeat GO “wireless earbuds” which is a bit of a misnomer as there is a cord, but that one can be overlooked as it is for necessities sake. You have to give credit to Plantronics, they started the experience off right. Nice branding and packing. It’s nice to open something luxurious.

But here’s the important part. The sound. The headphones took a minute to get accustomed to, but right away the difference was noticeable. The ability for free movement, not being tied down or restricted by a cord was wonderful. I never realized how restricted I was be the cord. My phone lives in my back left pocket, and the earbud lives in my left ear. Thus when standing, leaning or walking I am left-side bias.  The cordless earbuds left me have free movement of the phone.

The sound quality was comparable to my Beats by Dre earbuds, but since the music is all mp3 quality I wouldn’t really ever be able to notice a significant audio difference. My only compliant, and this is not reserved to only Plantronics, it’s that earbuds have the natural tendency to slowly slide out of my ear.  This can be remedied by putting on the right sized earbuds, which they provide in abundance.  There are three sizes of cushioned eartips and two stabilizers for a secure, comfortable fit.

I definitely loved enjoyed my Plantronics BackBeat GO wireless earbuds, I strongly recommend them to any stylish urban dweller. You should go purchase your pair HERE, now, for the incredibly reasonable low price of $99. Very not bad. Do it!