Must Have: Palladium Pampa Winter Boots

Today’s must have is brought to you by the snowpocalypse we experienced last weekend in Toronto and various parts of the Eastern seaboard. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to bust out our swanky new Palladium Pampa boots to show this snow (and hellish slush) who’s really boss.

For ladies we chose the Pampa Thermal boots in caramel which are made of fully waterproof leather and sealed rubber. Let’s face it, most winter boots are pretty awful looking, but we kind of love the Pampa’s vintage look that kind of reminds us of old school cougar boots with a hiking boots style lace up front. They’re also fully insulated with 3M Thinsulate, tested in -20C / -4F, so they won’t crack, even in extremely cold weather conditions, so they’ll keep you toasty warm weather you’re lounging aprés ski or navigating the city slush.

For men we chose the Pampa Sport Baggy in black leather because of the unassuming sleekness of the boot. Hey, just because it’s a winter mess outside with slush and giant puddles of freezing cold water, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style for functionality or vice versa. Made from waterproof full grain leather with sealed seams, waterproof stitching thread and Cambrelle lining, the Pampa Sport Baggy boots are perfect for keeping your expensive denim in tip top shape down their at the bottom. Whether you’re a tall-boot pant-tucker or a folded down cuff roller, these versatile boots got you covered.

Check out both boots in action below in our photos from last weekends big snow storm!