Must-attend Canadian Annual Music Festivals

The popularity of live music has been rising in Canada. As of 2016, Nielsen’s report showed that 35% of people who were aware of festivals attended at least one. Canada is diverse, and the rich culture is portrayed by the many and well-known festivals that are held annually in the country. These festivals represent vast art genres ranging from music to sophisticated cultural events. This country has a long and diverse music season. Therefore, any festivalgoer can easily find the music they enjoy at any festival they choose to attend. Below are some of the must-attend music festivals in Canada.

Osheaga Festival

Osheaga is a huge festival that is dedicated to music and visual arts. It takes place annually in August. The indie festival lasts for some days and conducted on six different stages. Local and national talent is identified and allowed to perform alongside the biggest music stars, including Eminem, Coldplay, and Arcade Fire, among others. Many of the festival’s outdoor stages are located at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Canadian Music Week (CMW)

The festival marked its 35th anniversary in 2019. It is widely acknowledged as one of the leading music conferences in North America. World-class speakers usually grace it. It is also one of the most significant and longest-running entertainment events that attract delegates from all corners of the world. Some of the activities conducted during CMW include international match-making networking, seminars, and mentoring sessions. It also hosts one of Canada’s largest new music festival, which features more than 1000 artists from more than 40 countries. 

The festival lasts for nine days, and it takes place in 60 venues. It gives artists a chance to network and learn from each other. The next edition will be held from 19-23 May 2020 and will include the three-day music summit.

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Shambhala Music Festival

This festival serves as Canada’s leading electronic festival. It is a festival you need to experience first-hand to feel and understand it. The festival is held annually during the first week of August and lasts for four days and three nights. It offers a mixture of music and art. Since its inception in 1998, 22 Shambhala festivals have taken place.

The family-run event is divided into six performance stages: the living room, Amphitheatre (AMP), the fractal forest, the village, the Grove and the pagoda, which was previously the main stage. In 2011 and 2012, the festival received an award for the best large event at the International Breakspoll awards.

Quebec City Summer Festival

It is the longest continually running festival in the world, which runs for 11 days. The festival attracts more than a million people to Quebec City annually. With an attendance of more than a million festivalgoers and excellent performances, the festival has established itself as a significant event in the music industry. The considerable growth of the festival can be attributed to the decision to diversify its music.

Music brings people together and attending festivals is a great way to meet new people, enjoy great music, and unwind. The above festivals are great suggestions for both great performances and diversity.