Music Video: The Ravonettes “Recharge & Revolt”

Danish shoe-gazers The Ravonettes are forging ahead in early April with their brand new album Raven in the Grave, and building up to that release they’ve leaked a few tracks, and the video clip below for “Recharge & Revolt”.

The album is set to drop April 5th via Vice Records and this video features Sune Rose Wagner marching around various landscapes, that look slightly like Ontario at first, holding a flag that bares the raven from the upcoming album’s cover.

Check out the track listing and the video clip of “Recharge & Revolt” below.

Raven In The Grave Track List:

1. Recharge & Revolt
2. War in Heaven
3. Forget That You’re Young
4. Apparitions
5. Summer Moon
6. Let Me on Out
7. Ignite
8. Evil Seeds
9. My Time’s Up