Music Video: Tame Impala “Solitude Is Bliss” + Toronto Tour Date

Perth’s blow-up psychedelic rockers Tame Impala are set to play Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern this Wednesday and we’re pretty darn thrilled about it.

There’s been much talk about their debut album Innerspeaker, a lot of it commending them for taking cues from 60’s and 70’s counterparts yet that seems only slightly correct according to this Eye Weekly Q&A where they said, “we like to call it pseudo-electronic, because it’s meant to have kind of a repetitive groove.” On Innerspeaker they “wanted to make something that had the same kind of textures and sounds as ’60s music, but presented in the way it might be sampled by some kind of trip-hop artist like Portishead or something.”

It’s comforting to know their sound is much more strategic than it is reminiscent and we can’t help but be excited about their sold-out stop over in Toronto next week with Kuroma. Check out this crazy video for “Solitude Is Bliss” below.