Music Video: How To Make It In America: “Luis Guzman” By Duck Sauce

In anticipation of How To Make It In America’s second season, Luis Guzman got together with Duck Sauce to remix the hit track/video ‘Barbra Streisand’. The music video features the Puerto Rican actor who stars as Rene Calderon in the hit HBO show, running around New York and hanging with a ton of his famous friends. The list of celebrity cameo’s in the video is impressive and really does a great job hyping the forthcoming season. Watch the video below, and keep your eyes open for Terry Richardson, Kid Cudi, Mark Wahlberg, Justin Bieber, Bryan Greenberg, Lake Bell, Victor Rasuk, Duck Sauce, Q-Tip, Pharrell Williams, Asher Roth, Pusha T, and many more as Guzman takes us around the diverse and notorious neighborhoods of New York’s Lower East Side.