Music Video: Diamond Rings “Something Else”

Toronto’s John O’Reagan is on fire and we’re a little late in saying so but nonetheless, on fire! First The D’Urbervilles and now his little side project Diamond Rings has turned into more than just buzz.

His super low voice and shy overall demeanor are pitted against the emotive lyrics in most of the tracks on his latest album Special Affections,toying with contrasts of masculinity and femininity. He wrote most of the the album back in 2008 while battling a severe attack of Crohn’s, so it’s pretty safe to say he’s not screwing around in his intent, considering he almost died.

After the album dropped late last month via Secret City Records along with the newest video, O’Reagan began touring madly in the UK, returning to the west coast of Canada as well as the US next month. Check out the new video for “Something Special” below.