Music Video: D E N A “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools”

Berlin based DIY popper D E N A (or Denitza Todorova) returns with a pretty fun video for her latest track “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools” rolling through a flea market freaking people out, wearing a crazy sequinned jumper by Helena Grierson, and dancing kinda funky with Kings of Convenience artist Erlend Øye.

Following initial success of tracks like “Boyfriend”, “Thin Rope” and “Games”, the new single is about three things that women love most (?) cash, diamond rings, and swimming pools (not to mention shoes, clothes, and nail polish, come on D E N A!). Watch the Bontchev & Burchardi directed video below and keep your eye out for more from D E N A soon. This chic is going places.

D E N A – Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools from dftb on Vimeo.