Music: Lana Del Rey ‘Born To Die “The Paradise” Edition’ Album Art & Tracklisting

We here at Sidewalk Hustle are as guilty as anyone of getting caught up in the Lana Del Rey phenomenon, but even we draw the line somewhere. The “Video Games”/”Blue Jeans” YouTube-sensation is set to drop a rereleased of her major-label debut album, Born To Die, as a “Paradise” edition in November. Lana has made it clear that it is not a new album, but rather the musical conclusion to Born To Die with about a half-dozen new, previously unreleased tracks.  As always we are excited for new material but why not drop it as an EP? Seems odd no? Either way, take a look at the tracklist and trailer below.

Born To Die “Paradise” Edition Tracklist:

Off To The Races
Blue Jeans
Video Games
Diet Mountain Dew
National Anthem
Dark Paradise
Million Dollar Man
Summertime Sadness
This Is What Makes Us Girls
Without You
Lucky Ones
Body Electric
Blue Velvet
Gods & Monsters
Bel Air
Burning Desire