Music: Hodgy Beats ‘Untitled EP’

Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats has released a brand new Ep titled “Untitled”.  The EP features production from The Alchemist, Thelonious Martin, Flying Lotus and more. The EP is nine tracks long and is a perfect to tide you over until the new Odd Future album drops. Listen to the first track off the album “Bullshittin’” produced by Juicy J below and download your copy of the Untitled EP here.


1. “Bullshittin’” Produced by Juicy J
2. “Cookie Coma” Produced by The Alchemist
3. “Lately” Produced by Flying Lotus
4. “Samurai” Produced by Jonti Danimals
5. “In a Dream” Produced by The Alchemist
6. “Ave.” Produced by Thelonious Martin
7. “Lamented” Produced by Flying Lotus
8. “If Heaven Is a Ghetto” Produced by Thelonious Martin
9. “Higashi Loves You”