Music: Daft Punk, TRS-80, & Ariel Pink “Sky Sailor (Float Away)”

A while back a disappointing album of remixes of Daft Punk Tron: Legacy score came out leaving everyone grumbling. They were dark days for the snobby Daft Punk fan in all of us, but luckily the appropriate amount of time has lapsed leaving our mind blank and free of negativity… for now. Enter Vinyl International, a record label that has released a new 10″ EP called Sky Sailor, which includes a couple of tracks, two of which are new TRS-80 remixes. The title track “Sky Sailor” features a bit of a remake which includes new vocals and lyrics from Ariel Pink. The track is haunting and beautiful. Give it a listen below.

Sky Sailor EP:

Side A:
01 Daft Punk, TRS-80 and Ariel Pink: “Sky Sailor (Float Away)”
02 TRS-80: “Now Approaching”
03 TRS-80: “Night Flashes” (10″ Mix)

Side B
04 Daft Punk and TRS-80: “End of Line”
05 TRS-80: “Blue Fade”