MSMR battle with their inner pop alter egos in their “Criminals” music video. It’s one of our favorite tracks on the new album, representing their new sound best. In the video, Liz Plapinger and Max Hershenow are helplessly trapped in the front seat of a white van watching their alter egos. Watch it above.

This video is a reflection on the internal conflict we’ve been facing over the past few months as our indie selves and their pop counterparts fight for creative control of MS MR. We find ourselves in an odd place as a band, having made the personal choice to explore where we might fit in in the shiny and seductive pop realm (especially given our ambitious goals), while truthfully still being two art kids locked away in our DIY studio, thriving off our own musical naiveté and thirst to push artistic boundaries. Are we on the right path? Have we come too far? Do we want a way out?

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